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"The world's best chord progressions simulator!"

Get thousands of great chord progressions for FREE. Then learn them much faster in our 3D Guitar Simulator!

If you play guitar, piano, or bass then get ready for massive improvement and more productive writting and practice sessions.

Prosonic is a state-of-the-art learning tool that shows you how to play chord progressions in real-time with sound and animated 3D graphics!

Best of all Prosonic runs in your browser, there's nothing to install, and you can use it FREE!

Guitar and Piano Learning Software

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Play Guitar?

Find high-quality music patterns and practice them in Prosonic's 3D Guitar Simulator.

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Play Piano?

Find high-quality music patterns and practice them in Prosonic's 3D Piano/Keyboard Simulator.

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Play Bass?

Find high-quality music patterns and practice them in Prosonic's 3D Guitar Simulator. (P4 Tuning)

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Cutting edge. Learning tool.

This isn't a video game or a kid's "toy".

Prosonic is a serious, high-quality learning tool that makes learning chords and chord progressions easy and fun! It's like a "chord book" or "chord dictionary" except it's way more advanced.

Imagine a "chord book" that shows the chords being played on the instrument with audio and animated 3D graphics! Well, that's exactly what Prosonic does!

Sheet music, TAB, diagrams, or charts could never do that!

Guitar Session

Pro quality.
Huge library.

Browse from our massive collection of pro-quality music patterns for guitar, piano, and bass.*

There's an endless supply of inspiration in this library and each pattern is carefully crafted to follow the very best harmony and voice leading rules.

Every single pattern is of the highest quality.

Piano Session

3D Simulator. Faster learning.

You can see and hear the patterns played in real-time so learning is much easier.

The built-in metronome allows you to set playback to a speed that's comfortable for you. Then speed it up as you get better.

Use Prosonic to practice rhythms too! Multiple rhythms are included, like: chordal, ascending arpeggio, descending arpeggio, etc.

Metronome and Rhythms

Pattern mastery. Builds creativity.

The goal is to make your own music.

So use Prosonic to:

  1. Find the patterns you like.
  2. Practice them in the simulator.
  3. Practice becomes MemorizationMastery.
  4. Then Modify/Expand to make them your own.

All of our patterns are royalty-free so you can use the patterns in your own songs and they're perfect for improvisational "jam sessions" too!

So what are you waiting for?

Start a now FREE!

Music Mastery

Alternate tunings. For Guitar & Bass.

P4 tuning included for guitar!

*All patterns are included for guitar tuned in 4ths so bass players can use too!

P4 Tuning for Guitar and Bass